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Is it Tuesday or Thursday book by local author

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This illustrated children’s storybook introduces a capable, multi-faceted, and strong female character who happens to be dyslexic. The story is aimed at kindergarten-primary level readers and has the goal of introducing the concept of dyslexia. Listeners will come to understand that not all differences are visible. The intention of this story is to address issues of self-worth on the part of children with dyslexia and engender empathy from others. We want children with learning differences to understand that they are not alone. Examples of a number of support strategies found to be useful in a classroom setting are incorporated in the story. Educators may wish to explore these with their own students as they can be useful for both neurotypical and neurodivergent students. A final component to the book is a selection of dyslexia related definitions and questions teachers and readers can employ to support student engagement with the themes introduced in the story. We believe that this educational story will raise awareness, open minds to new perspectives, and provide a valuable resource for educators, parents, and students.
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